The all-in-one app for
your mental well-being

Deep Self Reflection - Journaling - Mood Tracking

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Graphic of the Mindspace used to contain different topics in the Me app.
Analysis screen showing a chart with mood versus heart rate variability over time.

Why do I feel bad?
And what can I do to get better?

Identify the origin of your problems by tracking
both mental and physical biomarkers over time.

Connect your wearables with the Me app to analyse your sleep, your stress and many other things.

Selection screen with list of goals that the Me app can help you with.

Different Problems -
Same Solution

Address your emotional challenges in different areas of your life with easy to understand concepts from psychotherapy.

Journal screen showing different entries with titles and descriptions.

Your personal journal,
always in your pocket

Build a habit of self-reflection to understand yourself better. Work with guided gratefulness exercises & affirmations to develop a more positive outlook on life.

Detail screen of a journal entry showing the fulfillment levels of the psychological needs.

Dig deeper into your mind

It’s worth it!

Explore your unconscious thoughts & emotions to learn where your behavioral patterns come from and how you can change them.

Everyone can benefit from self-reflection

A mirror for your mind

Female sitting on the end of a bed with a sombre expression.

We believe that your mind doesn't work as well as it could

You could be happier.

You could be more productive.

You could communicate better.

You could make better decisions.

Your mind holds the answers. Start looking inwards.

Learn how your mind works

Understand where your emotions come from.

Learn what your needs are.

Discover your behavioral patterns.

Simple, bite sized courses tailored to your current situation.

From our huge network of mental health experts.

Male holding mobile phone in his hand, standing on the side of the road.
Female using her mobile phone in a public setting.

Embark on a journey towards sustainable, personal growth

Increase your self-worth.

Lead better relationships.

Find your purpose.

Deal with stress.

Resolve the conflicts in your life.

data privacy & security

Our Promise:
We will never sell, analyze or even see your data!

locally on your phone

No sensitive data gets send to any server on the cloud.
Your data is only stored locally on your phone.


The data on your phone is encrypted and can only be unlocked with your credentials.

No Tracking

We don’t collect analytics data about your user behaviour to make sure that you are completely anonymous in our app.